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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  April 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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u know where it came from. it is a popular trail near a busy metro station. this morning there is a warning for everyone who uses it. >> a series of attacks, including one involving a 14-year-old girl. and it was a high.of the obama presidency as the one year an versery of osama bin laden's death approaches -- anniversary of osama bin laden's death approaches. straight up 6:00 right now on this monday, april 30, 2012. we are taking a live look
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outside right now, the sun trying to come up out there. going to be a gorgeous day on this monday. good morning everyone, i'm sarah simmons. >> and i'm wisdom martin. time to talk now about weather. tucker barnes joins us. >> reporter: good morning, it is a little cool out there. 40s and low 50s as we start our day. kind of partly sunny and as we get into the rest of the week here, we are going to be on the warmer side. 80s in the forecast. >> generally going to be a nice week. >> reporter: more humidity for those who like that as well. >> lower humidity? >> no, more humidity. your satellite picture here showing just a few clouds. high, thin clouds off to our south and west. there is a warm front out there, and that will start to move in. the filtered sunshine we get from time to time, cool 50 at
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reagan national, 47 at dulles. jacket here to start your day, mid-60s for afternoon high temperatures. a little on the cool side as temperatures are set to warm up here. we should be dry today, a sprinkle south and west, i'll have more details on that. >> time now to talk to julie wright. good morning julie. >> reporter: good morning you guys. i want to reiterate something that is happening now until most likely december. the closure for the outer loop of the beltway, the ramp is blocked. that is a common ramp you share with the inner loop so yes you can get onto the outer loop but you have to make your way over to the park and ride and then loop back again it is not marked
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properly at this time. until further notice, northbound new hampshire avenue remains closed. out to the road we have problems reported 123 for example tied- up here at palm bug drive. it is blocked off with only one lane getting by under police direction. northbound 95 looks good but northbound i have tire debris in the left lane. no other problems have been reported right now at the wilson bridge. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. some of the top stories this morning we are following, police are trying to solve a series of sexual assaults in prince george's county. five attacks since january on or near the west branch trail. one of the victims is just 14 years old. park police have hosted flyers
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-- posted flyers with the description of the attackers. a crash involving an ambulance and a tow truck sends four people to the hospital. it happened around 5:00 pmyesterday at the intersection of branch avenue in clinton. the ambulance had all its warning devices activated when it was hit by a tow truck. a horrific crash at the bronx zoo leaves four adults and three children dead. a vehicle carrying the victim swerved out of control landed in a nonpublic area of the zoo. the suv fell more than 50 feet off the side of an elevated highway. a look at the campaign trail this week newt gingrich is officially expected to drop out
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of the republican presidential nomination race. polls show president obama leading romney 47% to romney's 44%. president obama got big dollar backing at a fundraiser last night. former president bill clinton was there and he is playing a big role for president obama. tomorrow marks one year since the death of osama bin laden. the reelection campaign is using that moment in history to its advantage. >> he took the harder and the more honorable path and the one that produced, in my opinion, the best result. >> now republicans are slamming the white house for the new ad. concerns are being raised that al qaeda could use the date to launch an attack of some kind, though there is no specific
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threat. >> generally al qaeda is not in the game of symbolic attacks. but the killing of blobbed is something special for them i think they'll keep their eye on kind of a tooth for a tooth eye for an eye proceedture. >> all of the affiliates have the affinity for this anniversary. where all the pieces come together, next week. >> now to mark the anniversary, the obama administration recently aloud news crews into the white house for the first time in 50 years into the situation room. coming up next, one year after blawpped bin laden's death the new york city skyline will mark a major milestone. so many fans -- after bin
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laden's death the new york city skyline will mark a major milestone.  ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ when i want you... ♪ my arms... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online.
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making headlines this morning a yacht race near the california mexico border takes a deadly turn. officials believe the yacht collided with a much bigger boat during a race over the weekend, killing three crew members and leaving one missing. local boaters are helping officials search for the missing crew member. in st. louis officials will take a closer look at a large tent, set up near busch stadium, after one of them blew over saturday. one person was killed and several others injured when the tent was thrown into the air. the wind gusts that destroyed that tent were measured at 70 miles per hour. today the world trade center will, once again, become the tallest building in new york city.
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these are live pictures you are looking at right now. workers will erect steel columns, making its unfinished skeleton taller than the empire state building. one world trade center is being built to replace the twin towers. >> wow. that will be interesting. >> nice to see that. >> i have never been inside the empire state building. >> i haven't either, maybe we should go. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, got something you need to get off your chest? i think we just did. find out why today could be a good time to do it. first though, checking in with tucker for your full forecast. looks like it could be a nice day. we'll get it from the expert, coming up, back in a moment, [ female announcer ] try the cock-a-doodle-deelicious
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they have a great defense, they have added weapons offense and brat me in to be the quarterback -- brought me in to be the quarterback. it is not just about me. >> that is not kurt cousins. you'll get it later. the rains formally introduced their new quarterback, fans and the media at fedex field this weekend. r g3 showed off his class by deflecting much from himself to the team. the redskins surprised more than a few people, that is what i was just talking about by selecting michigan state quarterback kurt cousins. michigan state the fact of the win the skins brass said they couldn't pass up on cousins when he was still available in this past weekend's draft. interesting. to you the caps and the rangers hit the ice tonight for game
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two. game one was another tense one, in what has been a pretty dramatic run for the cats. the rangers make the pass and chris kreider takes the lead. new york would add another and the caps would lose 3-1. a sad, sad time there. let's look at 395 at the pentagon. sun coming up just a bit over the pentagon building. looks like it is going to warm up there hopefully tucker with the sun? >> reporter: 40s mid-60s later this afternoon. we are going to be comfortable. then warm tomorrow and the rest of the week, we are back in the 80s. >> i'm ready to hit the peach already. i'm ready to go again. >> reporter: me too. right to your head atlas pipeline for the day. warmer temperatures on the way
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and it appears they are here to stay. we are going to start to get the warmer temperatures in here in the form of clouds. as we get into tomorrow wednesday thursday friday and into next weekend our temperatures are going to be on the warm side. 50 now in washington. cool this morning, check out frederick, bottoming out now at 36 degrees. better to south and east. 59 this morning in annapolis. doing just fine. we have sunshine out there, off to the south and west we have a warm front. an area of high pressure off to the north. winds out of the north and east today. as it pushes up over the cool air here at the surface, we are going to get cloud cover and a
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best chance for showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow even though it is on the warm side a few thundershowers and kind of humid around here by the middle of the week. should be comfortable, winds out of the east here at 5 to 10. a couple of showers and thunderstorms, 55 your overnight low. warmer air here to stay for the week. wednesday 80, could be a thunderstorm. thursday friday right into the 80s, here to stay right into the next weekend, temperatures will be in the upper 70s near 80. going to feel like may just in time for the first day of may. let's talk cinco de mayo. >> oh yeah next saturday. party at julie's?
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>> wisdom has the food, sarah has the margaritas and i'm spending the night. >> reporter: i'm biting my tongue not saying anything. >> reporter: on the roads right now you are going to find lanes open eastbound 66 approaching 123. the remains of the accident are off to the left shoulder. again there is the tow truck, the vehicles are loaded up onto the roll backs here. rubbernecking delay on 50 headed eastbound. if you are traveling northbound on i-95, debris reported before you reach courthouse road. 123 at palmer drive between hampton and trying to alternate one direction at a time. now the reports of the accident outbound before you reach route 4. that is a check of your on time traffic. coming up next, live to fox
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business network in new york. new numbers show the american dream of homeownership is fading faster than it has in years. it is national honesty day. it is meant to encourage honesty at work. nurses topped the list, ranking as least honest, members of congress. >> they didn't say tv people? >> no, we are all honest. we are back in a moment.  [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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new numbers prove the economy has put a dampener on a key piece of the american
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dream. good morning loren. >> reporter: good morning. >> stocks rallied for a fourth day on friday. what triggered that? >> reporter: we have corporate earnings that are surprisingly strong. out of all the companies that reported so far for the first quarter, 73% have beaten expectations. we keep hearing from the big names and honestly, overall, the earnings are pretty good. we get that government jobs report for the month of april, due out on friday. then when it comes, well you know you do see a big response to the stock market. also now i remember years and years ago everybody want to own a house. now it appears the dream is shifting a little bit. a new gallup poll finds that 62% of people say they actually own their own home. that is the lowest level in more than a decade. at the same time a record high
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or 43% of homeowners say their home is now worth less than they paid for it. >> we have more renters right now the and the dream of honestly owning a home is kind of changing a little bit. lots of people will tell you when the job market improves the housing market will improve. hopefully friday's numbers will point us in a good direction. see you tomorrow. coming up next the first kickoff is months away, but redskins fans are already looking forward to a new season. the big welcome r g3 got this weekend. first police in prince george's county has a warning for everyone who uses a popular trail near a busy metro station. we are back in just a moment.
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welcome back. we are coming up on 6:30 right now. let's take a look outside shall we? this is 495 at the american legion bridge. you can see the sun is kind of coming up there. should be an easy drive out there as well. not too bad. >> looks like summertime out there. >> got the rain and everything kind of then grenned up i can't it has done something to where it stirred up pollen in the air. i don't know if anybody else is real rising it? >> i think the oak trees are still did go their thing. >> the ash trees too. >> reporter: that is exactly why i don't cut my own grass. >> what does that have to do with it?
6:30 am
poll lien is still in the air. >> reporter: you know why i don't have anybody cut my grass wisdom? >> no. >> i can't afford it. >> here's your radar let's do it. we are looking fine. just a few clouds moving through to the south and west. we are going to be enjoying a partly sunny day today. a few scattered showers, well south and west. temperatures we are cool 50 right now in washington 47 the winning number in baltimore. even this afternoon, only in the mid-60s. kind of partly sunny skies. >> get out there and mow that grass, tucker. >> reporter: i promise i will. let's check in with julie
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right now and get the latest on traffic. >> reporter: just take it away. >> reporter: now you have got me laughing. i'm thinking about tucker in shorts and his tube socks pulled up to his knees. >> fairly accurate, julie. >> reporter: black socks, actually. >> and the 1970s short shorts,. >> reporter: we have people trying to eat. eastbound 66 the accident activity we had before at 123, gone. traffic leaving fair oaks headed eastbound, southbound 270, lanes open traffic starting to slow. again all the lanes are open continuing toward rock hill. if you are traveling 123 at palmer drive only one lane able to get by as you travel between
6:32 am
hampton and furnace road. all right julie, thank you. a series of sexual assaults in prince george's county has people worried about their safety. >> there have been five attacks on or near a popular park trail. melanie. >> good wisdom. we are here this morning standing right along the last part here of the north branch trail where some of the attacks have happened. we are seeing a lot of the people the metro station is about three blocks behind me. most of the people were actually choosing to walk on the road instead on the path which is a direct cut through. the most recent assault that happened here began in mid march through april 20th. in all in the area five women have been attacked. two were on streets that were
6:33 am
nearby. police say all the women attacked were all accosted by a man, they were dragged off the trail and raped. one victim was in her 30s, one in her 20s and the most recent victim just 14 years old. they all got together and compared notes and decided cases that have been happening even since january were probably connected. the trail has been pasted over with flyers, to warn you of the danger out there the victims all reported they were threatened with a weapon, in most cases either a gun or a knife. victim tips in all of cases described the attacker as a male hispanic in his 20s with a stocky di victims in all of the cases described the attack --
6:34 am
victims in all of the cases described the attacker as a male hispanic in his 20s, stocky build. use extreme caution and walk in pairs. a crash involving an ambulance and a tow truck sends four people to the hospital. this happened around 5:00 p.m. yesterday in clinton. police say the ambulance had all its warning devices activated when it was hit by a tow truck. the maryland court of appeals has ruled pit bulls are inherently tangs. the decision distinguishing pit bulls could lead to tough penalties for people found responsible in a tacks. opponents argue a dog's breed is not a reliable way to predict whether the the animal might
6:35 am
become violent or not. a university of maryland basketball player arrested over the weekend. deshone howard was arrested outside the shanghai range in college park. howard was not involve in the fight but was shouting nearby. we have a lot to talk about this morning, the caps, of course the big welcome at the field, and r g36789. -- and r g3. the caps need to winton. they lost in new york. it was 1 all in the third period and then bang, bang, two quick goals by the rangers in 90 seconds, before you could bat an eye. >> it was a grueling first
6:36 am
round series with boston. you can't really fall down 2-0. it is a hangover effect. you have to get back into this series. ton is a chance to steal one in new york and get it back here to dc later on this week, anything is possible. let's go caps. now let's talk about brice harper. one of the better catches you are going to see. >> great catch. >> the kid doesn't play a whole lot of outfield. he is going to have to continue vert himself to become an outfielder. when you see plays like this you are optimistic. -- to continue vert himself to become an outfielder. when you see plays like this
6:37 am
you are optimistic. we all knew r g3 was coming here and that is a great pick. they did have to basically give up the equivalent of three number ones, this year's number one and two future number ones to draft robert griffin the third, so when you do that you scratch your head when you see the fourth round pick of kurt cousins. >> i know exactly what is going on. >> shanahan will tell you he was too good to pass up at that position. a lot of times there are draft boards when people say i'm going to take the best available player when delmarva comes up. they didn't need this pick, per se, because they just drafted r g3 and they have rex grossman,
6:38 am
they cut john beck, a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief. but what about getting a line man? help in the secondary? maybe at the tight end position? there is other positions they could have addressed. you don't really see the logic here. i don't think you are going to trade him to get a future fiscal round pick. did work out in green bay this year with matt flynn. the history of the draft doesn't normally work that way. >> you said even kurt cousins was like okay, here i am. >> national honesty day, i knew the redskins would figure out a way to mess this up. that's all i'm saying.
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coming up next, one year after the death of the man who ordered the 9/11 attacks, we are back in just a moment. time now is coming up on 6:00 3-9d. 
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-- 6:39 
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making headlines this morning, residents in pakistan are visiting the now demolished site of osama bin laden's hideout, marking the one year anniversary of his death. pakistani security forces destroyed the compound earlier this year. on may 3rd, 2011 president obama announced he had given navy seals permission to raid bin laden's house and kill him. the killing of osama bin laden was a high point in the presidency. >> now some suggest the president is using the death to boost his reelection campaign.
6:43 am
criticism surrounding a new ad. >> reporter: mr. obama's campaign video questions when mitt romney would have approved last year's deadly raid on the former al qaeda leader. some are suggesting president obama went too far. >> took something that was a unifying event for all americans and he has managed to turn it into a divisive partisan attack. >> mr. obama makes a valid point in his message. >> nobody was a more hot value target than osama bin laden. quite frankly, mitt romney said it was a foolish thing to do a few years ago and there is a difference in the roles they would play as commander in chief. that is fair game. some suggest romney's 2007 statement said it is not worth moving heaven and earth was taken out of context. >> romney was saying an obsession with bin laden
6:44 am
shouldn't be all there is. > they didn't say romney wouldn't have made this call, they just said you need to ask yourself, would he have? and that is a questions voters should be thinking about. that was fox's lauren green reporting. after more than ten years, the world trade center will once again become the tallest building in new york city. today workers will erect steel columns making its unfinished skeleton taller than the empire state building. 1 world trade center is being built to replace the twin towers destroyed on 9/11. and looks like maybe they should have weather up there for the day? >> actually, should be fine. >> okay. we'll go with that.
6:45 am
let's get right to the forecast. around here cool, temperatures in the upper 40s, low 50s and we are going to enjoy high temperatures later today. 52 right now in washington and here we go. cool start to the day, off to the north and west. 36 in frederick, 47 out at dulles, 57 this morning in quantico. so we are definitely cool, as you run out the door. a little bit on the chilly side, later this afternoon mid-60s. cloudiness off to the south and west. kind of the high, thin cloudiness we had around here yesterday. i think we will be dry for our monday. but as we get into the night time hours, as the warmer air starts to move in with this warm front, we are going to have a
6:46 am
chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms around here during the afternoon tomorrow. an area of low pressure out to the west. let's do the futurecast together and take a look. temperatures in the mid-60s. 8:00 tomorrow morning with a shower around as the warmer air starts to move in. it happens once in a while. yes. and you know what that voice
6:47 am
means? >> good morning to you once again. i heard your comments about the redskins. >> i'm not as down on this move as everyone else seems to be and yes indeed. it is the time, it is time foo the weather guy the segment, we put our heads together to answer questions weather related or otherwise. today's question comes from beth bush. she writes why do singers not have an accent? >> >> they start singing well, close your eyes, and you know,. >> no accent.
6:48 am
>> it is not just british singers. australian, i'm not sure i thinking american, we all seem to sing alike. >> australian singers, you think of the bee gees and who else? the guys that were here last week. what are they called? >> those guys. >> thank you for telling us. >> seal. >> there you go. people first noticed this back in 1964 when the beatles came over. literally their first press conference, february 7, 1964. at one point they are asked how come you have english accents but when you sing you sound american?
6:49 am
and one of them says you make more money that way. pretty comical. but as it turns out, there is an actual reason for this. tucker? >> i'll give it my best. science to it. what happens is, when you sing, your mouth acts almost as a mega phone, because you want to sing it a group of people the way you pronounce your vowels is different. so basically what happens is the words come out of the front of your mouth, and you lose your accent. >> it is the, you know, one of the things that distinguishs our accents is the shape of our mouth, our tongue and all that kind of stuff. we are going to get letters, i can tell. but the act of singing and projecting tends to take that away. >> okay. >> there are some exceptions to this. back in the 60s, again the
6:50 am
original british invasion, all these english groups came over. most of them seemed to sound american. listen to this herman's herm admits -- hermits. i think he was doing that on purpose. >> really? >> because he wasn't really trying to sing and project. >> he is not singing. >> exactly. turn it up. there is another one. old people might remember this. freddie and the dreamers. listen to this, i'm telling you now.
6:51 am
>> listen to that. >> seems like, again, like he is sort of doing the talk slash singing thing. >> that dance, by the way, did not really catch on. >> i think i have seen a form of may with tucker. he sometimes brings it back. >> that stayed over in england. >> that is the explanation. more recently with oasis. >> i can hear a little bit with adele. a little bit. it is not really, i hear it just a little bit. >> a little bit in duran duran. >> i think they are still touring. >> there you go. i hope we did it some justice. that's today's question. thank you beth, for the question ♪[ music ]
6:52 am
>> this is the beatles singing in german with an american accent. back in the day, it was important if a lot of artists to record some of their hits in germany, because they wanted to hear the songs in german. all right that is it. if you have a question you want answered,. >> a huge star in germany. >> but he sings? >> huge star in germany. david has julie? >> reporter: you want me to sing? hey, i have done karaoke with tucker and tucker is the one that brings the dogs out in the neighborhood. not me. northbound 395, lanes open no problems to report. lanes here are open. the outer loop of the beltway starting to slow as you work your way past university
6:53 am
boulevard. make sure you have your shades. that is going to be causing delays. slow traffic approaching more delays in german town headed out toward 124. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a health alert now that coombs as no surprise. a new report -- comes as no surprise. 34% of adults in the u.s. are not getting enough sleep. according to the national sleep foundation everyone should get between seven and nine hours. night shift workers were most at risk for not getting enough sleep with 44% not getting the recommended amount of rest. that can lead to an increased risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. employers can do more to make sure their workers are getting enough sleep, that includes placing limits on how many
6:54 am
nights an employee can work in a row. create a healthy bedtime routine no matter what time of daybed time happens to be. >> that would be nice. coming up next hour, he was at sea for more than 300 days straight. >> he has been back on land for just over a week now and he has an incredible story to tell. inducing us to a man who just got back from a record setting trip and this was all for a good cause. ♪ made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. ♪ who knew being natural could be so delicious? coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle.
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add your flavor naturally.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. good morning i am holly morris. if you are looking for a little inspiration on this monday do i have it for you as we are live on this gorgeous monday morning in annapolis, specifically at the hall of fame dock. we are at the dock because this
6:58 am
is where matt rutherford just ended his record setting voyage a little more than a week ago if you are not familiar with his story he sailed around north and south america, without stopping, by himself, the first ever to do such a thing, it meant he sailed some 27,000 plus miles i don't know he was at sea, 300 plus days this morning he will join us and tell us about his voyage he has pictures we will go on his boat and talk about all the experiences and apparently it was touch and go a couple times while he was out there maybe most importantly we will talk about why he did it, for a good cause to help those physically and mentally disabled. wisdom. >> and why he did it by himself. he will be so glad to talk to you today. thanks. time to say good morning to cookie, windsors our facebook fan of the day she wakes up to fox 5 every day to help her get
6:59 am
through the morning today he and her husband harry are celebrating their first wedding anniversary congratulations to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to facebook search fox 5 morning news no space between fox and number 5 and post a comment under her photo. gorgeous photo. >> all right that is it for the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> now over to tony and allison good morning. >> good morning. good to see you and good morning to all of you. coming up fox 5 morning news an alert along a popular hiking and biking trail in prince georges county police say there is a sexual predator on the loose and in the wake of three unsolved attacks the latest in a live report is straight ahead. plus ... >> he took the harder and the more honourable path. >> a newly released campaign video coming under scrutiny why some are suggesting president barack obama is using osama bin laden's death to


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